We sweat when we train, so we don't bleed when we fight.

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Kung Fu and Tai Chi movements can build up many areas of the physical body not usual ly used in daily actions or regul ar exercises. In addition, th ese movements help to develop you in ways that do not distress or i njure your body. Additionally, many stud ent s that claim a pre-existing injury have found relief that was un available to them through conventional treatments.

Kung Fu and Tai Chi tr aining employs the practitioner's mind, which in turn increases the confidence, patience, strength, willpower, self-discipline and focus necessary for achievement in any endeavor.

With proper training anyone can develop these mental and physical qualities, regardless of background, age or current physical ability.

An absence of self discipline is one of the greatest destroyers of personal goals. One of the greatest benefits to Kung Fu and Tai Chi training is the relationship between the student and the
Instructor, who is there to help you reach your goals. As Master Mullins tells us “Discipline desires determination.” Though training is challenging, students can build their determination and self discipline which can then enhance all areas of their daily lives.

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